L2T SMS StockEx

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L2T developed for industry professionals Stock Exchange a value-added solution, enabling them to strengthen their action marketing and to attract new customers with an important ROI: the L2T SMS StockEx

L2T SMS StockEx is designed to serve your customers and inform them of the various stock transactions on their accounts 24 /7 without the client is concerned about moving to see you .

This service provides Customers connectivity to be constantly with their  broker to monitor at anytime and anywhere the situation of its portfolio in a secure and instant manner by SMS.

L2T SMS StockEx allows to manage the 2 modes of SMS sending

  • Push SMS : the broker sends messages to its customers:
    • Stock prices ,
    • Number of shares traded,
    • Distribution of dividends,
    • Date of AGM/EGM,
    • Introduction of a new value,
    • Promotional messages,…
  • Pull SMS : the Client sends an SMS request and receives, in return, the response also by SMS:
    • Stock Portfolio situation,
    • Daily information on a market value,
    • Purchase order or sales,
    • Change of Password
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