SMS Banking

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Listening to banking professionals, L2T developed for them a value-added solution to enable them to strengthen their efforts and marketing to attract new customers with an important ROI: the L2T SMS Banking.

L2T SMS Banking is designed to serve your customers and inform them of the various banking transactions on their accounts 24 /7 without the client is concerned about moving to the bank.

This service ensures Clients to be in constant connectivity with the bank to monitor at anytime and anywhere their bank accounts in a secure and instant manner by SMS.

L2T SMS Banking allows to manage the 2 modes of SMS sending:

  • Push SMS : the Bank sends messages to its Customers:
    • Automatic alert for exceeding the threshold (overdraft,…)
    • Urgent messages: check or indeed unpaid, transfer important, Payment of interest...
    • Credit : Agreement, follow-up refund,…
    • Current messages: Availability of the credit card or checkbook…
    • Promotional messages,…
  • Pull SMS : the Client sends an SMS request and receives, in return , the response also by SMS:
    • Balance and recent transactions
    • Currency: Exchange Rates,…
    • Request for checkbook or credit card
    • Change of Password
    • Money transfer,…
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