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About Us

Landolsi Telecom Technology L2T is a mobile interaction service provider offering high-quality messaging to clients from the corporate and public sectors, mobile operators, aggregators, resellers and others, giving them a new communication medium and new added value.

Because of its proprietary in-house infrastructure, L2T is also able to offer customers a highly flexible technical development interface.
L2T's platform is able to address specific customer needs to adapt and/or create value-added features and interfaces, which are available across all networks.  This flexibility means that customers can quickly and easily implement advanced mobile interaction services according to their needs.
L2T is one of the Tunisian and Africain leading mobile marketing agencies, with offices in Tunis and Sousse and expertise in mobile marketing and mobile app development.
L2T supply of skills in the following areas:
  • SMS interactive games developement
  • Mobile marketing campaign
  • Mobile interactive services developement
  • IPhone application development
  • Android Application Development
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Facebook Connect Integration
  • Fan Pages on Facebook

Mobile AppsSMS CorporateSMS VASMy requirement
  • IPhone Apps development
  • Android Apps development
  • SMS Gateway
  • SMS Banking
  • SMS Stock Ex
  • Email 2 SMS
  • SMS Micropayment
  • SMS Messaging Solution
  • Web SMS
  • SMS Marketing
  • Interactive SMS
  • Social SMS
  • SMS Alert
  • SMS Content & Entertainment
  • SMS Marketing
  • SMS Alert
  • Contact via SMS
  • Interconnexion SMS/SI
  • Bulk SMS
  • SMS+
  • Sending SMS by HTTP
  • Bulk SMS from EXCEL file
  • Customizing the Sender
  • Campaign Management