With connections to over 800 operators worldwide, our solution NesmaCom will allow you to send Bulk SMS, from your secure web space in NesmaCom .com, when you want and where you are to inform your Customers and / or Members ,in real time, whatever their number, of the latest events and news.

Our Bulk SMS solution allows you, among other things, to:

  • Customize the message to send,
  • Customize the Header of your message by highlighting the name of your Company / Brand
  • Manage the DataBase of Mobile number your Customers / Members from an EXCEL  file
  • Schedule the date and time of sending your SMS,
  • Carrying out a Bulk or unit SMS with a single click with the possibility to customize your message
  • Follow the statistics of your SMS Campaign...

Our Bulk SMS solution, NesmaCom.com, will guarantee the following benefits:

  • An ergonomic interface for sending SMS
  • Programming options for sending, mailing lists, calendars, alerts…
  • An Administration module for Resellers
  • A custom web Reseller white label 
  • Special modules for the various trades (Banking, insurance, transport, … )
  • Possibility of interconnection with your Information System
  • Modules for modular transmissions of SMPP, FTP, HTTP, XML  protocols

You want to integrate the use of SMS in your communications strategy for your company to optimize the quality of your customer service or to boost your sales? feel free to contact us and request your FREE trial account


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